“There’s No Difference Between The Alt-Right, KKK & White Nationalists”: Former Neo-Nazi Exposes White Supremacists

So called “reformed” white supremacist skinhead confirms the obvious facts about white nationalism & white extremism By Kenny Anthony   Ancient military strategist and philosopher Sun Tz states in his treaties titled The Art of War: “all war is based on deception”, and in the system of white supremacy, this is the main tactic used to dominate Melanoid people. Self-proclaimed white “nationalists” […]


White Supremacists Are Creating Fake Twitter Profiles & Pretending To Be Black

Racist right-wing twitter users are continuously terrorizing social media platforms with hate speech, trolling and fake accounts By Kenny Anthony   For those of us that engage in political debates on twitter, specifically if you speak out against white supremacy, there’s a common and growing trend that you may have noticed. Throughout the past year, there’s been an […]